Positive things

The ultimate gardener. One more from the bulletin board. 

The Original Latergram

I always loved the  hashtag #latergram. Post something you forgot to earlier that means enough to share. Two and a half years after she left us, Elaine still finds a way to impart the wisdom that meant the most to her. 

I found this on the little bulletin board by the phone in the Florida kitchen. How have I never seen this? 

How wonderful that I did today. She certainly was the grand puba of empathy. 

A mother’s roots, 2 years later

a mothers roots

This was one of the first things I posted here on Elaineisms. Like my own blog, this too has been taking a long rest. What better day to post here again than Mother’s Day.

I first found this the day Elaine fell, Mother’s Day two years ago. I am convinced now that she knew Mother’s Day would always be tough so, not wanting to have another day of the year be an awful reminder of her absence… well, you get the picture. Funny how we justify what cannot be justified.

This was framed in a grouping with pictures of my two grandmothers on one of her desks. She always thought of her mother-in-law as her second mom.  I had never read this until then, although I had seen it often. Finding it that night was too raw, but I took it and it now sits on my desk.

I just read a passage in a book today about reading the same thing at different times of your life and getting something all together different out of it.


Happy Mother’s Day to a mom who never lets me forget what is important, and who truly lives on in me every day.

I love you mom. And don’t worry, I’ve got this where you left off. I promise.


Learning to Crochet on the Groovy Couch

My beautiful pictureEverything about this photo is amazing to me. Even the fact that it was the last shot on the roll and got cut off.

The outfits.

The concentration.

The moment.

The COUCH! Flower Power, indeed.

Just another reason I am convinced I had the perfect mom. And why I spend every day trying to live up to her example of motherhood. Even in the small moments.

(side note: I never taught Jana to crochet, but I pretty sure I taught her other good stuff)

Happy Birthday Elaine

i could cry but i don't have time


Today would have been my mom’s 83rd birthday. Now that she is gone I guess it’s OK to let her real age out of the bag, right? I always wrote her a birthday blog post, some of which she had framed, I might add. So it only seems right to keep up the tradition.

In celebration of who she was, I decided to grab one of her many journals off the shelf and open to a random page. You know, so she could send me a message. And yes, I do believe in that crap now. Just go with it.

I suppose you will too, after you read this. No lie, this was the page I randomly opened to. (Click on this image and blow this baby up to read it, you won’t be sorry). This is a list of tactics for discovering pleasure and satisfaction in every day moments…

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Nosh House


We lived in a nice house, but it was also a nosh house.

For those not of the tribe – or living in parts not exposed to nibblers of the yiddish persuasion– a nosh is a snack. A little something. A tidbit, if you will.

Elaine, for a skinny woman, was a serial nosher. She had the home of the ‘goodie basket’. Friends from childhood can confirm its legendary status in the neighborhood.

This hung in her kitchen. Of all the things I have not taken home from there, this one keeps calling my name.

The Management


Yes, still cleaning out the house!

Every time I am there I find one thing that delights me and one thing that takes me down.

This little hot plate had me laughing out loud. It is one of those things that I have seen my whole life. It is cloaked in familiarity. And yet until last week, I don’t believe I ever read the thing.

The best part about this is that when I showed it to a friend, he told me that his mom had the exact same one hanging in their front hallway.

Must have been one of those 1970s things spawned by the women’s movement.

Hey, I wonder if Betty Friedan had one of these in her kitchen.



Still going through the archives of my childhood home, I find things that both take me down and delight me each time I am there.

This one fell into the delight category. There was no one on earth who gave better phone than Elaine! She loved to connect, touch base or just shoot the breeze. People always say the worst part about losing someone is the impulse to pick up the phone and talk to them before they remember this is no longer an option. I totally get that!

How fitting that she would receive an award for her outstanding service in this category.


Slow down


Yes, I grew up in a house with Gandhi quotes on the kitchen wall. What? You didn’t?

It all seemed sort of natural to see messaging around the house. They were engraved, wrought in medal, etched in stones, painted on plaques and glazed onto pottery.

Elaine was big on reminders and perspective.

This was one of those things I did not think all that much about. Yes, I was inspired by them, as she was. But not until I began this task of compiling all of this messaging and deciding what stays, what goes, what gets photographed and what gets gifted, did I realize how it was ingrained in me.

Now this hangs by the door in my house, right above the key hook. Because I tend to rush around like a lunatic and I need to be mindful everyday that this is not a race. And frankly I am way too old and not an athlete… attaining speed should certainly not be a goal of mine, EVER.

Happy Friday.


Garage humor


In the throws of systematically dismantling my childhood home, I came across this priceless clipping. Found in an envelope simply titled, ‘cartoons’, nothing could have been more perfect for my parents.

Our garage became a running family joke, jam packed with everything from a full woodshop to my childhood crib; she was always trying to get my dad to clean it out.

As we embark on the task of cleaning this out, I can’t help but think we will find more Elaine-like treasures buried within the junk.

Hey, anyone need a vintage lawnmower?

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