A mother’s roots, 2 years later

a mothers roots

This was one of the first things I posted here on Elaineisms. Like my own blog, this too has been taking a long rest. What better day to post here again than Mother’s Day.

I first found this the day Elaine fell, Mother’s Day two years ago. I am convinced now that she knew Mother’s Day would always be tough so, not wanting to have another day of the year be an awful reminder of her absence… well, you get the picture. Funny how we justify what cannot be justified.

This was framed in a grouping with pictures of my two grandmothers on one of her desks. She always thought of her mother-in-law as her second mom.  I had never read this until then, although I had seen it often. Finding it that night was too raw, but I took it and it now sits on my desk.

I just read a passage in a book today about reading the same thing at different times of your life and getting something all together different out of it.


Happy Mother’s Day to a mom who never lets me forget what is important, and who truly lives on in me every day.

I love you mom. And don’t worry, I’ve got this where you left off. I promise.


2 Comments on “A mother’s roots, 2 years later”

  1. This beautiful excerpt and your beautiful writing hit home for me. How lucky you are to have all those lively pieces of Elaine. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Xo

  2. You and Keith could always make me cry in 25 words or less. I’m chest bursting with pride that you are our daughter. Daddio Sir!

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