Monthly Archives: August 2014

Happy Birthday Elaine

Originally posted on i could cry but i don't have time:
Today would have been my mom’s 83rd birthday. Now that she is gone I guess it’s OK to let her real age out of the bag, right? I always wrote her a birthday blog post, some of which she had framed, I might…

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Nosh House

We lived in a nice house, but it was also a nosh house. For those not of the tribe – or living in parts not exposed to nibblers of the yiddish persuasion– a nosh is a snack. A little something. A tidbit, if you will. Elaine, for a skinny woman, was a serial nosher. She had the […]

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The Management

Yes, still cleaning out the house! Every time I am there I find one thing that delights me and one thing that takes me down. This little hot plate had me laughing out loud. It is one of those things that I have seen my whole life. It is cloaked in familiarity. And yet until last week, I don’t […]

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