Elaine Sunshine Zimmerman. The day she was born the sun came out, and the day she died the rain would not let up. I could almost stop right here and you would all understand the impact she had on the universe.

Instead, this blog will attempt to articulate the impact she had on our universe; the one she and my dad created. Not only with family, but with everyone who crossed her path. Giving was who she was. She gave 100x times more than she ever took, never once asking for recognition, or for that matter thinking that it was all that big of a deal.

She was the mad clipper, always cutting and saving snippets of this and that, sending things of interest to those she loved. She was the original social media sharer, just a hard copy version. Everyone always loved to receive an envelope with their address scrawled across it in her elegant handwriting and she loved to share what she found.

Little did I know that these gems were also stored in countless floral notebooks and files. I keep finding little pieces of her along the way – her writings, things of interest, how-tos and various treasures she could not part with. What a gift to keep feeling her after she is gone.

With every post I feel the overwhelming power of all that she had built. Because of who she was to us I know we will all be forever broken and for all she has left we will be inexplicably whole.This will never fill the huge hole she has left in our lives, but I am hoping that sharing her with the world will help us heal. If only she realized how truly remarkable she was… but then she would not have been Elaine.

Enjoy her. Share her with those you love. Pay her forward. Learn from her. Take away the idea of what it was that made a woman that suffered so much retain the ability to find such joy in small things. And help me honor the memory of a mom who truly lit up the world.

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