MOM. In caps.


I am a mom. And a daughter. And everything that I have learned about being a mom, I learned from being her daughter.

Those who knew Elaine, knew the extraordinary life that she lived in a very ordinary way. I say that because she touched so very many people. Effortlessly. With humility. And frankly not thinking twice about it. She gave advice, comfort and joy to so very many people. I can only hope she knew that.

And she suffered. With grace and determination. And concern, not for herself, but for us. Always. She taught our family how to be a solid unit. How to live the joys to their fullest and survive the depths clinging tight to each other.

The quote above sits proudly on page 1 of one of her famous journals ‘Important articles 2007’. I am so very grateful for these physical reminders of her quirky sense of humor and passion for clipping.

In honor of my red-headed giraffe of a mom, here’s a small list of what I learned from her:

  1. Don’t go out without lipstick (for me it is eyeliner)
  2. Give your kids enough rope to hang themselves (I hung often)
  3. You could do it the easy way, but if you do it the Amy way I will be there to pick up the pieces.
  4. Your toddler is not an asshole, she is just acting like one. Go out for a walk and cool off, I’ve got this.
  5. You are sweet like me, but a bit of a hot head like your dad, I think this will both serve you well and get you in trouble. Remember this when you have kids.
  6. Don’t cross me when I am holding a frozen hot dog (this one is for my brother)
  7. Love with your whole heart.
  8. Be the one who says ‘I think it might not be a good idea for us to do this’ (btw, I was, but did it anyway… persuasive friends)
  9. Be a FRIEND and make sure it is in all caps.
  10. Let your kids fail, but make sure you are in the wings to help them find their way back.

But most of all: Life is what you make it – always has been, always will be.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. And remember, if you have lost your mom, you are not friggin’ motherless, she is just watching you from another place.


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