Monthly Archives: February 2014

Slow down

Yes, I grew up in a house with Gandhi quotes on the kitchen wall. What? You didn’t? It all seemed sort of natural to see messaging around the house. They were engraved, wrought in medal, etched in stones, painted on plaques and glazed onto pottery. Elaine was big on reminders and perspective. This was one […]

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Garage humor

In the throws of systematically dismantling my childhood home, I came across this priceless clipping. Found in an envelope simply titled, ‘cartoons’, nothing could have been more perfect for my parents. Our garage became a running family joke, jam packed with everything from a full woodshop to my childhood crib; she was always trying to […]

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WWED (What Would Elaine Do?)

Found this little clipping on the edge of the refrigerator door (front is too crowded with pictures of every baby ever born)

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