Slow down


Yes, I grew up in a house with Gandhi quotes on the kitchen wall. What? You didn’t?

It all seemed sort of natural to see messaging around the house. They were engraved, wrought in medal, etched in stones, painted on plaques and glazed onto pottery.

Elaine was big on reminders and perspective.

This was one of those things I did not think all that much about. Yes, I was inspired by them, as she was. But not until I began this task of compiling all of this messaging and deciding what stays, what goes, what gets photographed and what gets gifted, did I realize how it was ingrained in me.

Now this hangs by the door in my house, right above the key hook. Because I tend to rush around like a lunatic and I need to be mindful everyday that this is not a race. And frankly I am way too old and not an athlete… attaining speed should certainly not be a goal of mine, EVER.

Happy Friday.


2 Comments on “Slow down”

  1. You are a lucky woman to have had Elaine in your life. I would like to learn to be “in the moment” even if I am racing. Can it be done? XOXO

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