Learning to Crochet on the Groovy Couch

My beautiful pictureEverything about this photo is amazing to me. Even the fact that it was the last shot on the roll and got cut off.

The outfits.

The concentration.

The moment.

The COUCH! Flower Power, indeed.

Just another reason I am convinced I had the perfect mom. And why I spend every day trying to live up to her example of motherhood. Even in the small moments.

(side note: I never taught Jana to crochet, but I pretty sure I taught her other good stuff)

2 Comments on “Learning to Crochet on the Groovy Couch”

  1. Outfits are fantastic, it’s a real period piece and you will never again (unless you use film) have an “extra” picture from the end of the roll. This is a treasure and I am certain that Jana learned lots from you!

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