nutsAnd lower your blood pressure! You mean to tell me I just did an 8 month med roller coaster only to find out that I could have just been eating pistachio nuts? (unsalted, of course). Somehow I think Elaine cut this out because she was such a lover of pistachios. How many people do you know whose favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio? Wait, can you get this ice cream flavor anywhere else besides a Chinese restaurant in the NY area?

This is just another delightful clipping on health and well-being. So many conversations with her started with, “I just read in Prevention that… fill in the blank with any of 1,000 holistic remedies.

A trend-setter, indeed.

Men’s friendships


I always knew she was an amazing friend, and cherished all of her friendships both old and new. But I never realized how much time she spent thinking about these relationships. I love this one, underlines and all, about men and friendships. Not sure of the source but there was a date of August 2009 on it which blows the theory that the book ‘Important Articles 2007’ was actually all stuff she cut out from one year.

The beach


There is no such thing as a bad beach day

-Elaine, every summer day

Mom lived for the beach. It was in her soul, part of her DNA, who she was. Salt air and sand in her toes made her feel more alive than anything. It is no wonder that I found her there on an early morning beach walk. It was both lovely and heartbreaking.

I don’t mind getting old


This page is so very special to me because I know that aging was something Elaine struggled with often. She could never get used to its limitations; she often felt her body was betraying her. Or at the very least it got in the way of what she wanted to do.

Sadly, this inability to understand that she needed to respect these limitations was her demise. But I prefer to focus on the fact that she saved things like this to remind her of the upside of getting old.

The friendship quote with ‘note paper’ as the source is priceless.

Life begins in the garden

If ever a statement were pure Elaine! She lived for that garden. Later in life it was her reason to get up in the morning. It grounded her. She inherited that from her dad and passed it on to both my brother and I. I now have that little sign in my garden, and the smell of the earth will always bring her back to me.

Tower of Babel


It is hard to believe, but not if you knew Elaine, that she would have this biblical clipping in the very same volume as expired make-up… but she did. The best part about this item is that the next page had three clippings titled: “Move your pills”, “Temporary fixes for dental problems” and “Brush and floss”. If you are lucky I will post those in the future. Feel free to voice your requests in the comments.

In all seriousness, this is Elaine in a nutshell – deep-thinking and practical at all times.

Makeup expiration guidelines

makeupFrom the soon to be famous book “Important Articles 2007″. This gem of a volume has everything under the sun in it.

I have a friend or two who will be horrified at this thought. Funny thing was she was always complaining she needed to clean out her makeup because everything was old. Germy? Yikes.

Let’s eat

lets-eatA famous Elaine fridge magnet. Most probably the reason I have a decent relationship with food.

Pooped perennials


Nothing like a gardener with a sense of humor. Elaine had all sorts of whimsy scattered around her beloved garden.

Shells and string


How can you not love a woman who kept an envelope titled ‘Shells & String’? Elaine started to get crafty later in life. I assume her intention was to make a little mobile from these; if I am not mistaken she has one in Florida. This both broke my heart and warmed it at the same time. Project, as life was… arrested. I am torn between making something from it and leaving it just the way she left it.

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