I don’t mind getting old


This page is so very special to me because I know that aging was something Elaine struggled with often. She could never get used to its limitations; she often felt her body was betraying her. Or at the very least it got in the way of what she wanted to do.

Sadly, this inability to understand that she needed to respect these limitations was her demise. But I prefer to focus on the fact that she saved things like this to remind her of the upside of getting old.

The friendship quote with ‘note paper’ as the source is priceless.

2 Comments on “I don’t mind getting old”

  1. It would be so nice if all the sayings and words of wisdom stayed in the forefronts of our minds for times when we struggle. You are lucky to have had a mother who new the value of the written word and also knew to catalog them. Astounding and extraordinary are fantastic words. I have a cup with a quote from Alice in Wonderland. It says: It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change. That best describes me feelings these past two and three quarter years.

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